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Nutritional Therapist

  • Instant access after payment
  • Level 5
Become a certified nutritionist. Learn to identify the risks of nutritional deficiencies and develop personalized nutrition programs

Program for professionals who want to improve their practice and for those who are ready to start a career in the field of nutrition

You will receive a unique Nutritional Therapist level 5 training to understand how nutrients, foods, and lifestyle factors affect bodily functions, focusing on the client’s biochemical and genetic personality.

Who is the program for?

Specialists with higher and secondary medical education
Expand your professional competencies. Implement effective tools to keep patients healthy in your practice
Practicing Dietitians and Nutritionists
Build your credibility as an expert with the new nutritional guidelines using the European Method. Deepen your knowledge, and find new methods and approaches for yourself.
Beauty specialists, wellness industry, fitness instructors
Help clients adjust their energy levels through nutrition. Introduce new tools for comprehensive health improvement. Improve individual training programs for clients and yourself

Those who have a specialized education, but want to build a successful business

Get the full scope of knowledge and practical skills to start working with clients immediately after graduation. Avoid the stress and mistakes of a novice specialist.

Nutritional Therapist
5 level Qualification — New Career Trajectories

A huge range of opportunities depending on your interests and ambitions

  • private practice
  • specialization in certain areas of healthcare, work in interdisciplinary medical and health centers
  • training and development of staff in the corporate sector, catering for events or retreats
  • writing articles, blogging about health, conducting seminars, webinars

Training according to international standards

Our school is an accredited college by the Association for Complementary Medicine (UK) and IPHM UK (an organization of international practitioners of holistic medicine).

How is the training

The course consists of 70% practice

After each theoretical lesson, you will consolidate your skills on assignments and tests built based on
real practice.

Author and curator

Anzhela Simakhina
Founder & CEO AIVI, International School of MicroNutrition LTD

Member of the Association of Complementary Medicine (Great Britain), the Russian Union of Nutritionists, Dietitians, and Food Industry Specialists (RUSNDP), as well as a registered provider of training at IPHM (UK) in Russian and English.
    • Certified Nutrition & Health Coach (USA)
    • Member of the Association of the European Institute of Dietetics and Micronutrition (France)
    • l'Institut Européen de Diététique et Micronutrition (IEDM)

Nutritional Therapist Qualification Recognized Worldwide

The CPD (UK) Certified Nutritional Therapist qualification is recognized worldwide. You will be able to obtain IPHM accreditation, an IPHM Therapist certificate, badge, practice insurance, and use the IPHM Approved (UK) Therapist logo.

Unique IT-solution for your practice

At the practice stage, you will get access to a unique IT solution. With the help of the created algorithm, it is possible to evaluate clients and identify the risks of nutritional deficiencies, create personalized plans, and monitor the improvement of symptoms.

Join Us Now!

100% course guarantee

Therefore, if during the first 5 days, you decide that the course did not suit you according to any criteria, we will refund the money.

Installment payment is non-refundable

We are confident in the quality of our training

Training according to international standards
Our school is an accredited school for providing affordable education in micronutrient therapy.
Earn while learning
We made sure that you can develop your business during the course. Already at the beginning of the training, you will receive a base that will allow you to apply your knowledge to real clients.
Our graduates are in demand around the world
Certified CPD courses are the only ones for professionals in Russia with the opportunity to receive a certificate recognized in many countries of the world for their practice in the field of micronutrient therapy.

Recommended by Expert Nutritionists

Viktoriya, Germany
Nutritional Therapist
Starting the course I couldn't imagine how easy and well-chosen the material was!
The course is built on examples, pictures, and diagrams even for a simple person without medical education will be all easy and understandable. The head of this school, Angela, will always answer any question and come to the rescue, in any of your difficulties.
I was very scared that I would have time for 3 months to pass 9 modules and write tests and exams. After all, I'm a mother on maternity leave, which means the study could be delayed for 6 months.

But the training materials are so exciting that I wanted to continue to study this vitamins world!

I did it for 1 month and received a certified diploma.
I thank my teacher, Angela, for the hard work she put into this course. It was amazing!
Dina, Bradford, UK
Выпускница курса Nutritional Therapist
I came across the International School of MicroNutrition entirely by accident. As I am interested in the topic while being a certified nutritionist, I wanted to learn more about micronutrients, therefore, I followed the page.

Shortly after, I purchased the course that was offered by them. I didn't have a moment of doubt, as I was convinced enough to see that the person behind the course is wise within the field and trying her best to share the knowledge.

While buying the course, I met this lady whose mastermind is behind all this, Angela Simak. Ever since, she has been very active, supportive, and paying a lot of attention to her student's progress.

The course itself is written in a simple manner and very easy to understand. It's not very loaded with 'scientific terms', therefore, it's interesting to learn from. The way the course is structured allows you to study without stressing out. Tests are very straightforward. All attached files are very easy to use.

I will feel comfortable using the knowledge I've gained from this course with my clients.

I do recommend for other nutritionists expand their knowledge within this field.

And Angela, thank you very much for your support during this journey!

The course is well presented. Easy to read and understand. The tests are very straightforward but do require attention throughout. I liked it all! I will definitely pass the word to my friends about it, thank you!


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